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Our Team

The people listed here are members of our team. We strongly believe it takes a team effort to provide the best possible service to our customers.  Together we have over 85 years of experience and have completed over ten thousand restoration projects.  We have built the system we have today based on our combined expertise.  Each of us takes pride in our company and thus continually strives to be the gold standard in insurance restoration.

Jill Siterlet-Casey

Production Manager

Chris Patnode

General Manager - 248-709-3097

Zach Sill

Sales Manager - 248-434-7317

TJ Doyle

Sales - 248-840-6750

Bob Austin

Sales - 248-687-0156

Alex Pena

Crew Supervisor

Jose Pena

Crew Supervisor

Austin Priebe

Sales - 248-599-2330

Zach Diamantoni

Sales - 248-690-6169

Blake Dykema

Sales - 248-835-5179

Spencer Compo

Sales - 248-767-9686

Andrew Dunatchik

Sales - 810-360-8961